Professional Services

Huggins Edwards & Sharp has a wide-ranging expertise in the Property market, providing services at all levels for both the Residential and Commercial markets. As Chartered Surveyors we are regulated by the RICS. If you would like further information, or would like to discuss your property needs with one of our consultants, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Huggins Edwards & Sharp: Property Development

We have a long history of assembling, purchasing and selling both residential and commercial development land and our knowledge of the local property market allows us to carry out feasibility studies. We are able to provide guidance in relation to planning and construction matters to unlock site potential and carry projects through to completed developments.


Epsom Office: Kathryn Reid Nigel Angus

Bookham Office: Clive Huggins

Residential Valuations & Surveys

Huggins Edwards & Sharp: Residential Valuations and Surveys

Huggins Edwards & Sharp offer a range of products which are designed to assist you in making your home-buying decision, and to draw your attention to potential repair and maintenance problems. Services offered include: 

  • Mortgage Valuation Report - usually carried out on behalf of the lender, to ensure that the property provides adequate security for the loan required. Identifies significant defects, but is not intended to provide an alternative to a survey.
  • RICS Homebuyer Survey and Valuation. Specifically designed to identify the state of repair of the property in a clear and concise format. Highlights significant defects, and in addition provides an open market valuation and a valuation for insurance purposes.
  • Building Survey. A more detailed report providing fuller information regarding the construction of the property, details of current condition, and advice on repair and maintenance. Particularly recommended for older and unconventionally constructed properties.
  • Specialist Valuations eg. for probate, matrimonial and capital gains tax purposes.

Further particulars and fee quotations for any of the above services are available upon request.


Epsom Office: Nigel Angus Samantha Hagon

Commercial Valuations & Surveys

Huggins Edwards & Sharp: Commercial Valuations and Surveys

Huggins Edwards & Sharp's RICS Registered Valuers offer a range of surveying services to existing and potential owners and tenants of commercial properties. Whether your interest in a property is as owner occupier, landlord or tenant, the potential obligations upon you for repair and maintenance can have very significant cost implications: A Report from Huggins Edwards & Sharp will alert you to outstanding repair requirements and potential future liabilities. Our experience within the local market also enables us to apply our expertise to undertaking valuations of commercial properties for various purposes. Services offered include:

  • Valuations for sale and purchase, loan security, accounts, taxation, probate, insurance, etc.
  • Building surveys, condition reports, schedules.
  • Landlord and tenant issues, including schedules of dilapidations.
  • Party wall procedures.
  • Surveys carried out in accordance with RICS Regulations.

Further particulars and fee quotations for any of the above services are available upon request.


Epsom Office: Nigel Angus Kathryn Reid Samantha Hagon

Bookham Office: Clive Huggins

Investment Agency

Huggins Edwards & Sharp: Investment Agency

Combined with our Commercial Agency and Property Management departments we are able to provide a full service for acquiring and managing investment properties. We initially discuss the Client's objectives and offer advice based on experience before commencing our search programme. Our constant monitoring of the market is a considerable aid in identifying possible opportunities and negotiating successful acquisitions. Our philosophy continues to be one of providing quality advice, from which we have established long-term associations with a large and growing group of Clients.


Epsom Office: Nigel Angus Kathryn Reid Jon Loveday

Bookham Office: Clive Huggins

Leasehold Valuations

Huggins Edwards & Sharp: Leasehold Valuations

We act for freeholders and leaseholders in connection with applications for lease extensions and freehold purchase. Whether these processes are undertaken informally, or by involving the statutory rights available to leaseholders by virtue of the Leasehold Reform Housing and Urban Development Act 1993, we can advise on the procedures involved. We have extensive experience in preparing the specialist valuations that are required, undertaking negotiations, and, if necessary appearing as Expert Witness at Valuation Tribunal hearings.


Bookham Office: Nick Harvey

Further Services

We also offer other bespoke services including the following:

Huggins Edwards & Sharp: Rent Reviews and Lease Renewals

Rent Reviews

We have long and wide ranging experience of acting for both Landlords and Tenants in the complexities of the continually developing world of rent reviews. Our extensive involvement in transactions and settlements within our established locations puts us in a strong position to properly advise you on the best approach to negotiations and their likely outcome.

Lease Renewals

Many leases are subject to the provisions of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 where understanding the appropriate notice procedures and time constraints is of crucial importance if interests are not to be adversely prejudiced. Due to the diversity of our practice, the breadth of information we have on rental values and our knowledge of the effect that lease terms can have on those values puts us in a strong position to ensure negotiations lead to the most favourable outcome for our Client.


Epsom Office: Nigel Angus Kathryn Reid Jon Loveday

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